1. Jealousy in the air tonight, I could tell. Cristiano Ronaldo will never understand that, but oh well ;p #CR7 #cristianoronaldo #mrstealyogirl #ballondor #legend


  2. How would one go about finding out who an anonymous person is on here?
    I know that kinda basically sorta defeats the purpose of being able to post anonymously, but there is an evil girl who keeps harassing me and calling me a fag.


  3. Anonymous asked: Are you Muslim? cause RamaDAMN!

    I will find you.. and I will kill you.
    Jk I won’t kill you, I’m too light skin for that type of violence.


    I’m bored so that’s why I’m on here. That was random, but so is life.

    Au revoir.


  4. "Jannah was created for sinners who repent"
    — Sheikh Kamal El Mekki (via dividit)

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  5. Dimple gangggg ;D aha shoutout to @champagnepapi; Nothing Was The Same = album of the year! #grammystatus #dimple #sudanese #randompost #InstagramiOS7 #teamdrizzy

  6. Kiss Land.. XO.

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  7. Eid Mubarak to all my Muslim brothers and sisters! :) #eid #blessed #saudi #sudanese #muslim #celebrate

  8. Navigating around in the Navigator ;D #earlybirds #upallnight #smile :D #sudanese


  9. Anonymous asked: You;ll never guess who i am



  10. grimybear:

    me: do they have clean drinking water where you live?

    girl: yeah?

    me: then why are you so thirsty?


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